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Heat Exchangers

In addition to the specialized industrial systems, ECU Corporation designs and manufactures specialized systems for military applications.

Liquid-to-Air Heat Exchangers

Liquid-to-air heat exchangers are used on mobile radar and communication systems where the excess heat is removed via liquid from the source to the air.

Liquid-to-Liquid Heat Exchangers

Liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers are used on RADAR, ELINT, SIGINIT, and EW systems where the excess heat is removed via liquid that must circulate within the electronic housing.

Custom Shelters

Custom Shelters for military applications usually involve designs where the shelter must maintain a safe internal environment when subjected to hostile external conditions. We have designed shelters, both fixed and mobile that house radar systems, communication equipment, personnel, cooling systems, pumping systems, backup power generation, filtration systems, and for de-militarization use with interior cranes. Finite Element analysis is used to insure designs meet earthquake, over-pressures, and other demanding structural requirements that are common for these custom shelters.